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Incase Sonic Headphones Review

Words by Ice Cream Man

Photos by RETURNING;

The two sets of on-ear headphones I have used extensively for the past ten years are KOSS Porta Pros and Sennheiser PX 100 (the older version of these). I’ve been very happy with both, especially for the size they collapse to. They’re way better than all in-ear options I’ve used but they don’t pack the punch of the Incase Sonic’s over-ear headphones I got a couple weeks back.

The first two things I noticed about the Sonic’s were the comfort and the bass. I’m still on the fence as to whether the bass is too heavy. I’ve done side by side comparisons with spotify tracks on my computer and on iphone and they both seem to produce the same bass-heavy response on Alicia Keys “No One.” From low volume to extremely high the sound has been true and clear. I’m listening to a 320 kbps MP3 of “Property Lines” by Dusted on itunes now at high volume and the Sonic’s provide a more full and clean sound than the other, smaller headphones. I love being able to experience quality isolated stereo sound of songs I’m used to hearing in the ice cream truck or through my Audioengine computer speakers.

Overall – I’m quite a big fan of these headphones, especially at the price. They’re currently on sale on Incase’s site for $99, I found some on Amazon for as low as $60 which is definitely worth it. One other thing I like about the Sonics is that the cord is only on left side and not both. There is also a volume control and mic on the cord which some folks should find helpful. Hope you enjoy


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