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Ice Cream Man Business Portal

Ice Cream Man's job is to make people happy, and we’ve found the one thing out there that can accomplish this with anyone, anywhere in the world: FREE ice cream.

We've also found that doing our job can be a huge help to companies who want to expand the distribution of their products and the recognition of their brand names. Over the past four years we’ve worked with dozens of companies to give away ice cream at their events, stores and headquarters, as well on their own promotional tours. The cost of launching a wide scale marketing campaign can be extremely expensive, but the cost of free ice cream, something that’s guaranteed to make people happy and increase attendance of your events, is a fraction of the typical promotional budget.

Here's how Ice Cream Man can benefit your company's next event, project or tour:

  • Everyone loves free ice cream. You can target any demographic, and they’ll be thrilled to get a free treat.
  • Our services are extremely cost-efficient, especially considering the piece-per-person costs of ice cream.
  • Our service is personal: We've made our name giving away free ice cream, and each time we hand someone a treat we’re creating a memory that can be coupled with your brand, product, pictures, or promotional materials.
  • Our events have substantial draw. Ice Cream Man's brand is firmly established in the arts and entertainment industry, so people gravitate to us wherever we are. The social experience of free ice cream will attract consumers and press to your event, and the good will of our presence will create an ideal promotional environment for your company.

Right now, we’re making an effort to launch customized projects with business partners all over the country. If you’d like a branded push cart in New York for an event, we can help. If you’d like to plan a three month summer tour giving away ice cream at stores, parks, music festivals and other events – we’re your best shot. If you have a convention, trade show or company gathering coming up and need something special there to put smiles on peoples faces... well, that's our specialty.

The best part about Ice Cream Man's campaign model is: It will save you money! Our projects are almost completely hands-off: We already have the vehicles, experience, expertise, connections and crew to pull off any sized project without requiring any major investments from our partners. We’ve given away almost 200,000 ice creams while traveling over 50,000 miles, snapping over 100,000 photos and gaining unrivaled access to the best music festivals and parties in the country. In pursuing of our goal of giving away 500,000 free ice creams, we've built a deeply networked operation that is part promotion, part street team, part entertainment and all good will. Our experience and in-house support make Ice Cream Man an ideal alternative to costly, untested marketing campaigns.

Please contact matt@icecreamman.com for more info.