Proud Sponsors

Ben & Jerry's, Ice Cream Sponsor
Vermont's Finest

Ben & Jerry's has helped Ice Cream Man out at festivals in the past, donating ice cream at Rothbury, Lollapalooza, Phish's Festival 8 and more.

This year, Ben & Jerry's is donating 50,000 ice creams to the cause as we hit festivals, community events and more to help spread joy and delicious Ben & Jerry's treats.

Proud Partners

Jakprints, Printing and Merch Sponsor
Full color printing, apparel printing and sticker printing

Jakprints has been on board since the moment of Ice Cream Man's inception. One of the ways we spread the word about Ice Cream Man is by giving away free stickers with every frozen treat. On the back of the sticker is information about Ice Cream Man as well as Jakprints, plus a trackable promotional code that has generated almost $100,000 in revenue over three years of sponsorship. Jakprints also prints our custom ice cream boxes, business cards, vinyl vehicle stickers, and Off the Wookie (our magazine).

When ordering use discount code "MATT50SAVEJP" to receive $50 off an order of $199 or more. One-time use code. Valid on standard retail pricing only. Does not apply with any other discount or offer. Does not apply to shipping or taxes. Expires 12/31/13.

Today's Dentistry, Partner
Best dentist in Ashland.

Dan at Today's Dentistry in Ashland, Oregon has sponsored our annual ice cream social at Garfield Park for the last few years. When I stopped by in 2008 he helped me out by performing a cleaning, x-rays, and he even filled a couple cavities. Check out his new company, Dan and Shields' social network for doctors.

Brian Jeremy, Partner
Web Guy Extraordinaire.

Brian built this beautiful site. Without it we'd still have our junky version, so we love Brian. Thanks.

Voyage-Air Guitar, Tour Partner
The future of guitar travel

Voyage-Air Guitar was kind enough to donate one of their guitars to use in our Road Trippin' series. Across the country, artists will be using the guitar and signing it when they're done. At the end of the tour we'll be auctioning it off for charity!

Voyage-Air Guitar specializes in building only the highest quality acoustic and electric stringed instruments. Including the world's first and only full-size acoustic and electric instruments that fold-in-half!

Check out the site for more info, and tell 'em Ice Cream Man sent you.

Local's Guide, Partner
What to do in Ashland.

Shields in Ashland has been helping with Ice Cream Man since our inception. He does all the organization work for the annual Ice Cream Socials and keeps us in the loop on all the cool things he finds while working on He's pioneering the local, web-to-print revolution allowing local citizens to write local reviews that get published and distributed to the community.

Past Sponsors

Dig For Fire, Video Partner
Video Production Whizzes.

Dig For Fire produces our web series "Road Trippin' with Ice Cream Man" hosted on They put in a ton of hard work to help us entertain people.

Popsicle®, Ice Cream Sponsor
If It's Popsicle®, It's Possible!.

We are super excited to have Popsicle® on board this year. We always like to carry some non-dairy stuff on board, so it's great to have the flagship brand for ice pops.

Popsicle® will be donating 50,000 treats in 2011, including the new Airheads ice pops, something we've been helping debut to stellar results. Here's to continued good times bringing smiles to peoples faces with Popsicle® ice pops.

Spotify, Sponsor
Anytrack, anytime, anywhere. And it's free!

The award-winning music service that's taken Europe by storm will soon be landing on US shores. Millions of tracks ready to play instantly, on your computer and your phone.

Roku, Sponsor
There's a lot of entertainment in this little box.

Roku hopped on board January 2011 for CES and hopefully for the future. It's a product we all truly love.

All you need is a Roku player (Starting at $59) and an internet connection and you're off and running. Hook the player up to your TV with an HDMI cable and start streaming Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vimeo and more. The top of the line XD|S also streams in 1080p and includes a USB port to play videos and music off of a thumb drive. Go get one now!

Babelgum, Main Sponsor
Road Trippin' with Ice Cream Man

A free, revolutionary Internet and Mobile TV platform supported by advertising, Babelgum combines the full-screen video quality of traditional television with the interactive capabilities of the Internet and offers professionally produced programming on-demand to a global audience. The Babelgum site has been recently revamped and now comes with a new Flash-based, download-free, global web video service.

This year, Babelgum will be producing "Road Trippin' with Ice Cream Man," a series of exclusive webisodes featuring Ice Cream Man and a host of talented musicians as Ice Cream Man tours the country.

PacSun, Sponsor
SoCal Inspired Clothing

PacSun started as a little surf shop in Newport Beach in 1980, and they're now one of the top names in teen and young adult fashion with 900 stored in 50 states. As they've grown, their focus has remained: stay true to their roots in youth culture and offer what's next now.

This year, PacSun is making a nationwide push, with the help of Ice Cream Man, to promote their commitment to cutting edge fashion. With stops at music festivals across the country, as well as surf and skate competitions, Ice Cream Man is helping to showcase what PacSun is all about.

Energizer, Sponsor
Nothing outlasts the Energizer. It keeps going and going and going.

Energizer came on board as a sponsor of Road Trippin' with Ice Cream Man in 2010. Besides helping the series out financially, they provided us with tons of great Advanced Lithium batteries to power our equipment on the road. They're a lifesaver!

We hope to continue to work with them in the future, it's wonderful to be able to work with a company that we use on a daily basis!

Mopho, Tour Sponsor
Don't just tell your friends where you are, show them!

Mopho is a great tool for sharing your location on your iPhone with your friends. Simply take a picture, tag and upload and instantly share your location visually!

Mopho has joined Ice Cream Man this year to help people follow Ice Cream Man's adventures by uploading pics from music festivals, community events and more from across the country. Get it now from the App Store or go to for more!

Havaianas, Sponsor
Truly the best rubber sandals in the world.

Havaianas was another sponsor of Road Trippin' with Ice Cream Man for 2010. Based out of Brazil, they make some top notch sandals and make some great flag sandals (including Brazil, of course) that were great for our World Cup special.

There is nothing like hanging out at a music festival during the summer and putting on a pair of shorts and some Havaianas. Livin' the dream.

Cache Agency, Sponsor
Photographic representation and licensing

Cache Agency won the 2008 Ice Cream Man sponsor auction!

Bucking the trend of big-box corporate image houses, Cache Agency is home to photographers wanting to showcase their art, make some money and not be ignored or lost in a void.

They are currently accepting submissions from photographers, building the website and fulfilling customer requests.

If you're a photographer and you're looking for help licensing your photos, give Helen a shout.

Prompt knowledgeable customer service is guaranteed.

Nike, Partner
Put these on your feet!

We had a big year with Nike this year. It began on 8/8/2008 with the Nike sponsored 88 BoaDrum in LA and NYC. They had 88 drummers play for 88 minutes starting at 8:08pm. Next up was MusicFest NorthWest (MFNW) in Portland, a huge indie music festival that we hit up last year as well. To finish out the year, we'll be at Art Basel in Miami from December 4-7. Come find us!

Sony Playstation, Partner
Gaming at its finest

While at Virgin Mobile Music Festival in Baltimore I ran into Ginger with PlayStation. We talked about different events they were doing where free ice cream would be a good addition and she mentioned the Playstation Pro AST Dew Tour in Orlando. Newt was already in the hood so we loaded up almost 3000 free creams and slung cream to the crew, athletes, and everyone else backstage. check the review out here.

Busy Beaver Buttons, Partner
You like our buttons? These guys make 'em.

At Pitchfork Festival in 2008 we ran into the folks at Busy Beaver Buttons. Christen noticed our "YOUR LOGO HERE" sticker on the ice cream truck and emailed to mention she'd like to help us out with some buttons. In less than 48 hours Busy Beaver printed up around 10,000 buttons for Lollapalooza. Check them out at for all your button needs.

Levi's, Past Primary Sponsor
A style for every story

While in Austin for South by Southwest 2007, we gave away a ton of ice cream at the Levi's/Fader Fort Party. Sheri, who works with Levi's, took a step outside, saw all of the happy people with ice cream and said, "We should talk when you get back to LA."
Since then, we've been helping each other out. We've given away ice cream at Levi's showrooms, Levi's Stores, and Levi's events throughout the country, including 501 Day in Santa Monica, CA.

Blue Bunny®, Ice Cream Sponsor

With almost a century of ice cream experience, Blue Bunny® is responsible for Bomb Pops®, Big Mississippi Mud® ice cream sandwiches, Pink Panthers™, and almost every other treat you used to buy from the local ice cream truck as a kid. They also make a variety of premium ice creams and original concoctions at their headquarters in Le Mars, Iowa, otherwise known as "Ice Cream Capital of the World." We're proud to be working with them this year- with Blue Bunny on our side, our goal of 500,000 ice creams has never looked closer!

Guitar Center, Past Sponsor
Making music happen

Guitar Center was on board with Ice Cream Man from near the beginning. During that time we hit up Guitar Center stores around the country as well as GC sponsored events like their annual Drum Off, Spin Off and King of the Blues shows.