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Blake Mills – Break Mirrors

Words by Ice Cream Man

Photos by RETURNING;

Somehow I completely missed Blake Mills which is strange because he’s LA based and you’d think he would have come across my radar at some point. Alas, my buddies Ryan (who makes good music you should check out here) and Meg in Portland both mentioned I needed to check out Break Mirrors and the last week I’ve listened to it half a dozen times.

Outside of what I’ve found on his About page and this article, there doesn’t seem to be too much info out there. He used to play with Taylor Goldsmith in Simon Dawes and has done a lot of session work on guitar for artists like Fiona Apple, Band of Horses and Cass McCombs (who he reminds me of at times). Give it a spin and let me know what ya think.

Blake Mills – Breaking Mirrors on Spotify

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