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Greenhornes, The Willowz, and Clue to Kalo at the Troubadour

Words by Timothy Norris

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In case you didn’t hear, the Greenhornes were in town recently to shake up the Troubadour in what would turn into an amazing night of rock-n-roll. When doors opened some of the kids were still paying cash at the box office for what would turn out to be a sold out Friday night on the eve of an Easter Sunday holiday weekend.

Opening the night, Clue to Kalo brought up an interesting mix of instruments to round out their electronic based sound. Live drums, accordion, cigarette box amp, and a few other surprises made for a great set of music. Check out their myspace and Mush Records for more. Definitely worth the listen.

Up next, the Willowz started peeling the socks off the place. After catching them in Austin at Emo’s for a SXSW day party it was good to see them back home lighting up the stage for the home town crowd. Towards the end of the set they really let go in what had to be one of the best sets I’ve heard them play.

With the room at capacity the Greenhornes made their way to the stage to lift the roof on this, the first night of their west coast tour. With the drum kit front and center and at the request to kill the house music they jumped right in to what would be one of the best sets of music I think I’ve ever heard. All this not without some difficultly I need say. After the first tune singer/guitarist Craig Fox started having some problems with the Gibson SG he started the set with. Always onward, Patrick and Jack kept things groovin’ while Craig worked things out. (If you don’t know, Patrick and Jack have provided the rhythm section for a couple of other projects that can be found out about on their website.) In what ended up being a guitar change, the band moved right into the second song of the set (where’s my set list). OK a little trial along the way, no problem. Third song in Craig breaks a string. He’s already playing the backup and the crew is minimal. Someone finally comes down from upstairs to assist in the string change. All the while Patrick and Jack kept workin’ the groove keeping the now packed house shakin’ it. The band picked up into the fourth number and kept rockin’ without much more of a hitch. Patrick later made the comment that this was like the first rehearsal. The rhythm was kickin’ and the crowd never tired. I kept thinking throughout the night how much this reminded me of what things might have been like in the 60’s with people dancing to the rock-n-roll and having a good ole time to the live music. The Greenhornes captured that on this sold out night in Los Angeles. See them if you get the chance. If not, see any of the related projects any of these guys are playing in. Some how I have to believe that what they’re doing will one day go down in the books along side the greats of American music. If not… just enjoy the night.


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